Friday, June 3, 2016

Bacon, High in the Sky!

Well, as we say here at Consort, "What's Next?!"  How about bacon images on your Dori Pole pennants? 'Bet you never thought of that!

Yes, it's true, in Consort's home town of Kalamazoo, the annual 26.2 marathon has been a major community event near the first part of May for many years. For the past four years the inspired and enthusiastic neighbors that live near the halfway point have sponsored what every creative marathon needs, a Bacon Station! With porcine delights of many forms the racers are enticed to drop their racer-motivated diets for just the opposite. Of course, most of the bacon and bacon muffins, cookies, fudge, and so on are eagerly consumed by the cheering spectators. But, a surprising amount of the meat-candy is taken up by the racers,usually to be tossed aside 50 yards later where the neighborhood dogs have taken up their cheering section. Ruff! More! Ruff! More!

A delightful time for all and the racers appreciate the attention and support, even if they aren't into the dubious nutrition being offered them.

The bacon pennants are not a stock item in our array of available pennants, but if you're interested in those or have an idea for a specialty pennant design, contact your Consort sales rep today.
Submitted by Roger Lepley

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Consort's Abstracta Shares Silver Award at GlobalShop 2015!

With the recent “Silver Award’ from the juried competition during the 2015 GlobalShop Show, our Abstracta Modular Display System is once again recognized as a world player! GlobalShop, the world's largest trade show for retail design and shopper marketing, is held in Las Vegas each March. The competition has become a much-anticipated event for showcasing outstanding recent retail-oriented projects around the world.

Our Abstracta system was the primary display medium for the Herman Miller “pop-up” store in New York City during May, 2014 where the large Michigan-based contract furniture company presented a striking, colorful and textural retrospective of Alexander Girard’s significant contribution to Herman Miller’s decades long success as an industry innovator.

In the words of a Metropolis Magazine editor, “The new Alexander Girard pop-up exhibit in New York’s Meatpacking District is a three-part celebration of all things Girard. The showcase highlights the architect and designer's fabric work, developed during his time as design director of the textiles department at Herman Miller from 1952 to 1973. Then there are the lounge pieces Girard produced for Braniff Airlines in the late 60s, a small number of the 17,000+ items he designed for the project. The third element is the striking exhibit installation, a Girard-esque living room, bursting with color and populated with period affects.”

The store layout was designed by Michael McGinn and his team at Standard Issue Design, of Brooklyn, New York and featured Girard’s most significant designs and patterns. For Consort, this was our second opportunity to work with Michael for a Herman Miller project with the first one
involving a 1,000 square foot portion of the company’s showroom at their massive showroom in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart in 2012.

Abstracta was chosen for its simple and classic features that inherently take a back seat to displayed objects, such as Girard’s work, to be elegantly featured.  It was the perfect choice for the incredibly eye-catching array of Girard’s brilliant work. 

Thank you Michael and Herman Miller for again choosing Abstracta!

Roger Lepley

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Outdoor Ground Mounted Banner Stand (GMS) Has a New Size Feature!

Bank and credit union drive-throughs have been around for decades and most bankers will tell you that drive-throughs continue to be their customers’ preferred method for on-site transactions. Much like with the fast food industry, customers would rather wait in their cars. So, while they’re waiting…
Our popular specialty banner stand, the Messenger® GMS, can provide important information about bank services. And now, banks have the option to alternate banner lengths from 48” to 72”, as they please. The new standard Messenger® GMS will accommodate either of those sizes simply by moving the bottom bar up or down. 

Why is this good idea?  Well, sometimes we have more to say than other times. Sometimes the message is short and sweet like, “Thank you for
choosing Fifth Financial”. And, sometimes, we want to include more information about new services for example, along with images. Also, a 48” banner is a bit less expensive than a 72” banner.

Of course, this new feature isn’t just for the financial industry. Shopping centers, automobile dealers and service stations, drive-through lanes for restaurants and many others can now take advantage of the new banner size option. By the way, the "GMS" stands for Ground Mount System and widths of stands can be ordered to fit 16", 18", 20", 22" or 24" banners.

Thank you for your interest in Consort products! Please contact your sales representative for more information.

Roger Lepley

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tabletop Beer Menus Help Patrons Make Quick, Informed, Beer Selections!

Next time you visit a brewpup or bar, take a look at how they tell you about all the beers they offer. If they have to verbally recite the never ending list that numbs your brain or they point to some chalk board 15’ away, tell them they’re missing a super opportunity to make beer ordering simpler and quicker.

They need “Podia®Tabletop Display”!

Our Podia Tabletop Menu Holder is quickly becoming popular with breweries, brewpubs and bars because they’re durable, instantly changed and encourage customers to pick out their next beer before they finished the last. Simple and easy, right?! Servers and wait staff are often barraged with
questions like, “What’s on tap” and “Any
specials? “What’s Olde Frothingslosh taste like?” “Is that a strong beer?” and so on.

With Podia, the daily beer list can be printed and displayed in an a two-sided, unbreakable capsule to detail the type of beer, cost, alcohol percent and whatever information would help to have bar patrons make quick, informed decisions.

What's more it's unbreakable! Check out the Demo videos HERE and see for yourself.

Please tell your local brewpub about Podia.

Roger Lepley

Friday, December 12, 2014

Custom Shape Banners on FlagTrax

Here is a FlagTrax installation at the First Baptist Church of Troy, MI. The system is our standard FT-3096 (34.5"W x 9'6"H) and is powder coated black. The banners are 29.25"W x 47.25", vinyl, printed on both sides. Looking great!
First Baptist Church of Troy, Michigan