Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tabletop Beer Menus Help Patrons Make Quick, Informed, Beer Selections!

Next time you visit a brewpup or bar, take a look at how they tell you about all the beers they offer. If they have to verbally recite the never ending list that numbs your brain or they point to some chalk board 15’ away, tell them they’re missing a super opportunity to make beer ordering simpler and quicker.

They need “Podia®Tabletop Display”!

Our Podia Tabletop Menu Holder is quickly becoming popular with breweries, brewpubs and bars because they’re durable, instantly changed and encourage customers to pick out their next beer before they finished the last. Simple and easy, right?! Servers and wait staff are often barraged with
questions like, “What’s on tap” and “Any
specials? “What’s Olde Frothingslosh taste like?” “Is that a strong beer?” and so on.

With Podia, the daily beer list can be printed and displayed in an a two-sided, unbreakable capsule to detail the type of beer, cost, alcohol percent and whatever information would help to have bar patrons make quick, informed decisions.

What's more it's unbreakable! Check out the Demo videos HERE and see for yourself.

Please tell your local brewpub about Podia.

Roger Lepley

Friday, December 12, 2014

Custom Shape Banners on FlagTrax

Here is a FlagTrax installation at the First Baptist Church of Troy, MI. The system is our standard FT-3096 (34.5"W x 9'6"H) and is powder coated black. The banners are 29.25"W x 47.25", vinyl, printed on both sides. Looking great!
First Baptist Church of Troy, Michigan

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

FlagTrax Flags and Banners Materials

When the Kiwi company Nexus Developments created FlagTrax, it was in first place to fit single sided polyester or nylon flags. These materials are more commonly used as street side messages in New Zealand and Australia.
Since Consort Display Group started manufacturing and distributing FlagTrax on the North American market, a lot of customers have asked: can FlagTrax fit vinyl and acrylic (i.e. Sunbrella®) banners as well?
After doing some tests with these materials, the answer is yes!
Please see the different looks below :

Single-sided bleed through flags.
These flutter with the wind and the sun gives them a certain "glow". They provide a more festive look than other materials thanks to their light weight. The artwork and text have a "mirror" effect on their opposite side.

DFlagTraxBanners6ouble-sided flags with blockout liner.
Due to their 3 layers (flag, blockout liner, flag), they don't flutter as well and tend to wear out quicker than the other materials. They allow for the messages to be readable on both sides without the "mirror" effect of a single sided flag.

Screen printed Sunbrella® acrylic banners.
These flutter but not as much as a single sided polyester because of their heavier weight. They allow for the messages to be read on both sides and their colors have a longer lifetime.

FlagTraxBanners1Digitally printed vinyl banners.
These don't flutter a lot because of their heavier weight. They allow for the messages to be read on both sides and have the vivid color look that digitally printed vinyl banners offer.

Monday, September 1, 2014

How to change your FlagTrax flag or banner

In just 10 easy steps we will explain how to change your FlagTrax flag or banner. This process takes an average time of 90 seconds.

Change your FlagTrax street flag by inserting keyInsert the FlagTrax Key into the keyhole in the Locking Cap at the bottom of the PushPull Rod to release it.

fig 2
With the key inserted, pull the PushPull Rod a few inches out of the track. Remove the key and store in a safe place.


fig 3Pull the rest of the PushPull Rod out of the track. The best way is to coil the rod as you remove it. Do not coil less than 2’ or bend the PushPull Rod as this would damage it.

fig 6
At the top of the PushPull Rod, pull out the top flag clip.

fig 5
Remove the flag or banner by pulling the rest of the Sliders and bottom clip out of the PushPull Rod.

fig 4Attach the new FlagTrax flag or banner to the PushPull Rod by starting with the bottom clip, sewn to the tape at the bottom of the flag. The ‘wing’ on the side of the clip will be caught by the stainless steel Flag Tensioner positioned on the track. Ensure the ‘wing’ is on the correct side as the clip can be rotated if necessary. Some FlagTrax systems are assembled with two Flag Tensioners at different levels so different size of flags or banners can be used.

Insert all remaining sliders into the PushPull Rod.

fig 6The top flag clip must ‘click’ into place into the hole at the end of the rod.

Inserting PushPull into trackInsert top flag clip and the PushPull Rod into the track, and push the flag or banner to the top of the track. The flag or banner will then tension correctly as the ‘wing’ on the bottom flag clip catches in the Flag Tensioner.

Ensure the PushPull Locking Cap locks into place at the base of the track.

Your flag or banner change is now complete!
For more information, please download our Installation Guide or check our video.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

New FlagTrax Street Flag System Allows For Rapid and Less Costly Changes

Consort introduces FlagTrax®, a whole new genre for street-side communication. From the wonderful folks (us!) who first brought colorful street banners and durable hardware to communities across North America, comes our newest outdoor system for providing information, color and festive delight to exciting places like your town or special event.

The new genre is Street Flags, as opposed to the ever-popular Street Banners that we see in thousands of communities. So, what really is the difference of a street banner versus a street flag? To us, a street banner is like our standard light pole banner that is stretched top and bottom with our BannerFlex hardware. It’s typically a vinyl digital banner or a screen-printed acrylic marine fabric banner.  Great system, durable, super longevity and all good. They are installed using bucket trucks and the banner is changed using the same trucks. See the video here.

A FlagTrax Street Flag is similar as it’s installed on the same type of city or shopping center light pole but once it’s installed using a bucket truck, all the flag changes can happen from the ground, saving thousands of dollars every year on a typical municipal street communication program. And, the fabric is generally a light weight dye sublimation or nylon flag material that waves, glows and flutters in the breeze.

How does it work? The secret to the system is a track that is mounted vertically onto the pole or wall into which a flexible “Push-Pull™” rod is inserted that carries the banner or flag up to the final mounting height. Access to this tamper-proof track can be mounted at shoulder height for maximum convenience or the six or eight foot level above the ground where added security may be required, alleviating the need for anything more than a small step stool.

Street pole banner changes in urban areas, in particular, are normally expensive and difficult with traffic concerns, as bucket trucks weave their way around, sometimes stopping traffic or diverting it with traffic cones. FlagTrax changes can be done by one person at any time of day in just a matter of minutes, often saving up to one hundred dollars per change in some of the larger cities. An additional benefit is that it will encourage more changes, more often, allowing event organizers greater flexibility to promote more events within a city, significantly adding to the sense of the area’s vitality and activity.

Because Consort’s Kalamazoo Banner Works Division has been the pioneer and innovator with street pole banner hardware since 1983, FlagTrax fits our core expertise perfectly. Our KBW BannerFlex® hardware literally is the standard of the industry and we are constantly researching new concepts. So, we were excited when the patented FlagTrax system was presented to us by the New Zealand inventors, Nexus Developments Limited, and we were given the opportunity to be the exclusive North American manufacturer and distributor.

Street Flags can now be economically and quickly changed from the safety of ground level without the hassle of bucket trucks or traffic management concerns. Roger Lepley