Monday, March 31, 2014

Street Flags: A New Way To Use Your Light Pole

Consort Display Group introduces FlagTrax®, a whole new genre for street-side communication. FlagTrax is our newest outdoor system for providing information and adding color to light pole and buildings. 

The new genre is ‘street flags’, as opposed to the popular street banners that we see in thousands of communities. So what really is the difference of a street banner versus a street flag? A street banner is like our standard light pole banner that is stretched top and bottom with our banner hardware. It’s typically made from a vinyl digital banner or a screen-printed acrylic marine fabric banner. The banners are installed and changed using bucket trucks.

A FlagTrax street flag is similar in that it’s installed on the same type of city or shopping center light pole but once it’s installed using a bucket truck, all the flag changes can happen from the ground, saving thousands of dollars every year on a typical municipal street communication program. The fabric is generally a lightweight dye sublimation or nylon flag material that waves, glows and flutters in the breeze, similar to a regular flag you would see on any flagpole.

How does it work? The system operates on an aluminum track that is mounted vertically onto the pole or wall into which a flexible Push-Pull™ rod is inserted that carries the banner or flag up to the final mounting height. (watch the video) Access to this tamper-proof track can be mounted at shoulder height for maximum convenience or the six or eight foot level above the ground where added security may be required, alleviating the need for anything more than a small step stool.

Street pole banner changes in urban areas, in particular, are normally expensive and difficult with traffic concerns, as bucket trucks weave their way around, sometimes stopping traffic or diverting it with traffic cones. FlagTrax changes can be done by one person at any time of day in just a matter of minutes, often saving up to one hundred dollars per change in some of the larger cities. An additional benefit is that it will encourage more changes, more often, allowing event organizers greater flexibility to promote more events within a city, significantly adding to the sense of the area’s vitality and activity.

The FlagTrax street flag system was very well received at the annual Specialty Graphic Imaging Association and took home Product of the Year honors for Finishing and Display Exhibit Hardware. “SGIA's Product of the Year Awards showcase digital imaging products that keep the specialty imaging industry moving forward," said Jeff Burton, SGIA's digital printing analyst. "Winners have benefited from worldwide recognition and the ability to market their product as a winner of this valued competition."

For more information about FlagTrax, visit our website

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Streetlight Banners Hold Up in High Winds—Even Hurricane Force

The following is an article published by the American Public Works Association's APWA Reporter in July 2013:

    Communities are increasingly using light pole banners to add excitement and community spirit to events and occasions.  Yet many communities in high wind and hurricane zones face challenges using banners due to risks of light pole damage from the extra wind resistance created by large banners, in addition to worries of damage to the banners themselves. 
     While some neighborhoods find various forms of outdoor advertising amongst the debris following large
storms and hurricanes, towns and shopping centers that use the KBWBannerFlex have not only saved time from clean-up, they have saved money.          
     David J. Cangemi, in charge of General Services for the City of Hallandale, FL was especially impressed with the banners’ performance saying, “A tropical storm came blasting through south Florida. Debris and banners were dispersed all over the city.  I used KBW and not one of our banners was lost.  
     For more info, call 800-525-6424, email or visit 

Roger Lepley

Monday, October 1, 2012

Simple, Inexpensive Trade Show Solutions from Consort Display Group!

Eye-catching, inexpensive options for the standard 10’ x 10’ booth.

Display One 8' digital panel
Today, trade show presenters prefer simpler, easier to setup and more cost-effective displays. And, in this digital age, you can now display “up-to-the-minute” products and services with the right trade show products and creative talent from Consort. We can help you customize each show’s images for specific audiences to maximize your trade show dollars.

Look to Consort for a dependable array of RTR™ Retractor Banner Stands, Display One® Messenger®-X Banner Stands, Table Throw Covers, PortFolio® Tabletop Displays, and more, for the simple 10 x 10 or 10 x 20 booth. With most products manufactured and printed in Michigan, you’ll receive the utmost in customer care and service. Need graphic design assistance? Consort has been in the design business since 1984.

Digitally-printed Table Throw Cover
 In our opinion, your product or service should be the “shining star” and the object of attention in your booth – not the fancy booth hardware! With wide-format digital printing, great lighting and simple podiums, for example, you can tell your story and capture the interest of your audience without lots of expensive hardware and quirky fixtures. Typically, those more complicated booths are expensive to purchase, expensive to ship and time-consuming to assemble. They may even require professional set-up labor. Our suggestion is have a few easily assembled and dis-assembled pieces that fill up your booth space with large digital images that help you tell your story.

33" x 86' Retractor Banner Stand
 Once your Consort trade show display is up and ready, probably in 30 minutes or less, the rest is up to you! We can’t supply the enthusiasm, bright-eyes and energetic sales force who will look each attendee in the eye and tell your story, but we can help you get noticed and help you visually get the ball rolling!

"Tradeshow exhibiting can be an effective and rewarding marketing tool. But, they can be more cost effective and enjoyable with displays from Consort Display Group."

Roger Lepley

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Abstracta Featured in Herman Miller's Chicago Showroom to Exhibit Alexander Girard's Work

     Once again our unique and versatile Abstracta Modular Display System is an integral part of an impressive exhibit of design talents. Abstracta is now featured in Herman Miller’s Chicago showroom on the 3rd floor of the Merchandise Mart. The photos here show our 13mm (1/2") tubing in white powder coat recently installed as part of NEOCON 2012. NEOCON - “where the design world comes together” - is the annual design event for the contract furniture industry. And, most anyone who visits NEOCON, visits the Herman Miller Showroom.
   Abstracta was chosen as the display medium by Michael McGinn Design as the “natural setting” to display the history of one of Herman Miller’s earliest and most formidable designers, Alexander Girard.
     In the words of the Herman Miller blog:

“Trained as an architect, but proficient in all manner of activities, Alexander Girard was introduced to Herman Miller through Charles Eames and George Nelson. He established the Herman Miller Textile Division in 1952, and served as its Director of Design until 1973. From his outpost in Santa Fe, New Mexico, he designed over 300 textiles in multitudes of colorways, multiple collections of wallpaper, decorative prints and wall hangings, an expansive group of furniture, and both decorative and useful objects.”

     His textiles and objects, although wonderful and intriguing on their own, seemed even more dynamic and brilliant in the thoughtful, seemingly simple (although very complex!) setting of the slim, white Abstracta forms and “just right” spot lighting and traffic patterns throughout the exhibit.
     The Girard exhibit comprises about 1,000 square feet of the extensive Herman Miller Showroom. The exhibit will be up for almost one year and may travel a bit after that to other venues. The 1,400+ Abstracta tubes and 800+ connectors were all pre-cut and finished prior to being delivered to the site and the McGinn Design team had the entire structure up in about three days! An impressive and amazing feat.

     We at Consort are also pleased with Michael McGinn's thoughtful words when we saw him at the exhibit on opening day: "I would say that for this audience the second most popular thing about the exhibit, after Alexander Girard, is Abstracta. I overheard many remarks about its simple beauty."

Thank you  Michael  for choosing Abstracta!

Photos courtesty of Bright-Lyons, Brooklyn, New York.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New BannerFlex Banner Bracket Online Store!

Consort’s new banner bracket online store is now up and running. The new store makes the ordering of our street pole banner brackets easy and swift. There are two ways to go through the site and the products depending on how much you do or do not know about ordering the proper banner hardware for your project.

If you’re familiar with our BannerFlex® products it may be quicker for you to use the “Shop by Products” link at the upper left on the home page. If you need assistance on which brackets might be best and you would like to be guided through to the other accessories to consider, you can choose the “Guided Purchasing” option the menu bar at the top of the page.

The “Guided Purchasing” process is pretty impressive, actually! It begins with asking the type and size of light pole or utility pole and asks what size of banners you are considering. Once you’ve made those choices, the bracket options which are appropriate for your pole and your size of banners are shown with information attached to each bracket to help you make a selection. You can also choose regular aluminum color brackets or black powder coated at that time. After the brackets are chosen, attachment methods are given and, depending on your previous choices, either screw gear banding and/or tool-applied banding may be shown. Both of those options will be shown in both regular stainless steel color and black.
Other accessories are shown on the store which may be of interest. For example, the Wall Mount Plates are becoming more popular for folks wishing to mount vertical banners on buildings or large columns. Check out the three different shapes that we now offer.

We hope you’ll visit the new store soon. As always, if you have questions about these or any Consort products please email or call us at 800.525.6424 or 269.388.4532 and we’ll respond immediately. If you have any suggestions or comments about the new store please let us know!
Roger Lepley